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Veterinary business articles from the Crampton Consulting Group.

Critical Conversations, Positive Outcomes

On 31 July, 2012 in Human Resources by Rosie Overfield

Performance managing staff can be both a rewarding and challenging business. Even within the most culturally-dynamic veterinary practice situations arise when an employee requires feedback. Here are some top tips on nailing critical conversations. Read More »

Top Tips for a Mentally and Emotionally Healthy Workplace

On 24 July, 2012 in Human Resources by Rosie Overfield

In the veterinary industry, managing emotions and developing team effectiveness have begun to emerge as a sub-discipline for success. The new rules for determining a successful, healthy practice is more about measuring personal qualities of the team such as communication, adaptability and emotional resilience. Read More »

Developing team effectiveness in your practice

On 24 July, 2012 in Human Resources by Sue Crampton

The performance review process is an organised method for giving employees constructive feedback on their job progress in alignment with the practice job descriptions, which reflect the company policies and procedures and standards. If it is properly used, a review process can be a positive process for the employee and the supervisor. Read More »

A Cure for Poor Customer Service

On 24 July, 2012 in Customer Service by Martin Grunstein

Today I was humiliated by a car salesman. So, what’s new? It’s probably happened to anyone who’s ever bought a car. What I learned from my incident is why customer service in Australia is so poor!   Read More »