5 Tips for Managing Conflict in a Team Meeting

On 26 June, 2014 in Human Resources by Rosie Overfield

5 Tips for Managing Conflict in a Team Meeting

If you regularly attend team meetings you may have experienced (or observed!) some kind of tension or conflict. Although it can be exciting and energising it can also affect the morale of the whole team and practice progress.

Below are 5 key points to help you manage conflict within the team meeting environment.

  1. Depersonalise – use your words to focus on the facts rather than the emotions. The chairperson can summarise what has been said and turn the discussion in an objective breakdown.
  2. Use effective questioning techniques – don’t just ask yes or no questions; use open-ended, permission and sensing questions to clarify what people are really thinking (especially with introverts).
  3. Get specific. Ask for suggestions on how they can turnaround the disagreeable point to something more acceptable to them.
  4. Remove or reduce the perceived threat – conflict may arise when people perceive that they or something they believe in is threatened. E.g. a project they’ve worked hard on and strongly believe in. There are two categories: the perception of threat and the threat itself. You need to explore the issue and come to a full understanding of what it is. Maybe the perception is correct and the person has a right to feel threatened, in this case you need to address the situation.
  5. Take things offline – if the conflict involves sensitive or confidential information, have the confidence to acknowledge the disagreement and arrange to discuss it later at a specific time.


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