Converting price shoppers

On 2 March, 2016 in Customer Service, Marketing by Deb Render

Price enquiries or ‘price shoppers’ would have rate as one of the most common phone calls received by vet clinics.  

With a saturated veterinary market, clients are spoiled for choice, however with a lack of knowledge about what exactly to compare between practices, clients fall back on something we all understand and can measure – price.  Often these calls, more so than other types of enquiries, are seen as an interruption and are subsequently mishandled.   Price shopping calls are under-valued as a powerful tool to educate and gain new clients.

The key to converting price shoppers is about communicating value rather than cost.  Whether there is a significant difference in fees in your area or whether most practices charge somewhere in the same range, you need to differentiate yourself to price shopping clients. What is it that you do that makes you different, unique, what is your value proposition?

Encourage staff to see these enquiries as relationship and education opportunities.  Asking questions will engage the client and also allow staff members to tailor their approach and advice. When you uncover what is most important to each individual client, you can ensure you offer the benefits that meet their specific needs.

Training the team to engage, ask questions and listen will help them to effectively and confidently convert price shoppers into new clients.

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