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Healthy Pets Healthy Practice

Improve profitability by leveraging your nurses time

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Crampton Consulting Group, have developed the Healthy Pets Healthy Practice program to assist in the implementation of a preventative healthcare program.

Preventative health care is now a global trend in both human and veterinary medicine. With the improvement of modern medicine and standards of living, humans and pets alike are living longer lives than ever before. However, with this great feat comes a rise in chronic disease. Without intervention, as the growth in risk factors for chronic disease continues, a decline in health gains and life expectancy will be inevitable.

Preventative health care is just as the name suggests; healthcare to prevent disease and promote wellness and healthy living. As the saying goes, prevention is better than intervention. Preventative healthcare aims to intervene in the disease process before the onset of the disease in the first place, giving the patient the best possible outcome - living disease free.

This program will give you the tools and training you need to implement veterinary nurse consultation models into your practice.

Program Covers:

  • An Introduction to Healthy Pets Healthy Practice
  • Communicating for Consults
  • Implementing Veterinary Nurse Consultations
  • Independent Veterinary Nurse Consultations
  • Preventative Healthcare Impact Analysis

Benefits to your practice include:

  • Improved health of patients
  • Increased client loyalty and compliance
  • Reduction of veterinarian stress and workload
  • Increased Veterinary Nurse productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increase practice revenue

Program includes*:

  • Access to online program materials for 2 team members
  • Kit of 26 reception policy & procedure templates
  • Set of 50 Pet Protector Program enrolments
  • 4 x 1 hour implementation sessions with consultant

* Packages subject to change

Optional extras:

  • In-practice implementation day
  • 1 day implementation workshop in Brisbane
  • ProSkills Practice Membership for 15 team members
  • Additional coaching calls


  • HPHP Program: $3600 AUD
  • Optional extras: POA