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Three new face to face workshops for 2018!

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Providing attendees with a highly interactive and hands-on learning experience, these three full day workshops are specifically designed for those on the front line of customer service in your practice.

Travelling around Australia and New Zealand in 2018. More information on Workshop Dates, Locations, Presenters and Pricing available in the downloadable brochure.

  • Sign up for 1 workshop: $349
  • Sign up for 2 workshops: $649
  • Sign up for 3 workshops: $849

ImpressionsWorkshop 1: Making a Great Impression

First impressions are shown to be almost impossible to change, so it’s important that your team have the skills to make a great first impression with every client and prospective customer. This exciting kinaesthetic workshop will cover the critical steps to ensure your team stand out from the crowd and give clients a reason to come to your practice.

This hands on, interactive workshop will help participants explore the following:

  • The telephone - an interruption or a priority?
  • Are you connecting with your clients on the phone?
  • Are you making the right impact?
  • Are you offering appointments?
  • Is your current customer service working for you?
  • What are you missing?
  • Why do your clients choose you?
  • Does your practice make a fantastic first impression?
  • Do your clients trust you?

Products and ServiceWorkshop 2: Presenting Products and Services

Did you know that educating your clients equals higher sales? Because the more a customer knows about the product or service, the higher they will perceive the ‘value’ of the product/service. Education helps the client get past any doubts or concerns they may have regarding the purchase of the product or service, and understand its importance for their pet’s health. This comprehensive, interactive workshop will provide the theory, skills and practical experience to assist your team in increasing your client’s compliance.

This hands on workshop will help participants explore the following:

  • Do your clients know what is best for their pets?
  • What is your preventative health compliance like?
  • Are you maximising your retail space?
  • Are your team providing a consistent message to your clients?
  • Are you measuring up to your competition?

Difficult ImpressionsWorkshop 3: Mastering Difficult Situations and Mastering Lasting Impressions

Demonstrating care and educating our clients is usually a rewarding experience but every so often situations can go wrong. Learning to manage difficult situations is not easy and while there is not one technique that will work every time, there are skills that can be learnt. This workshop will explore those skills, and provide attendees with practical tips to navigate and diffuse these situations. The last 10 minutes of your client’s interaction with the team is what your clients will remember. It’s important to find ways to leave clients feeling valued, feeling that we care for them and their pet, and appreciate their business. During this workshop, participants will also learn how to effectively farewell clients so that they recommend your practice to others and explore ways of getting your patients to come back and visit you more often through the use of effective follow ups.

This hands on, interactive workshop will help participants explore the following:

  • Under pressure! How do you cope?
  • How do you deal with a difficult client?
  • Prevention is better than cure - can you stop complaints before they start?
  • Farewells - do you leave your clients wanting to come back for more?
  • Are your follow up’s falling down?

See attached pdf for terms and conditions