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Customer Service Roadshow
Clients as Partners

An interactive and dynamic approach to customer service

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Customer Service Roadshow

Customer Service is about passion, attitude, and effort; it’s about building relationships. Equipping your team with the right skills is vital in order to build lasting relationships with your clients.

However, we know that implementation is often the hardest part of change, so we’re bringing our Customer Service Intelligence program to you! This two day workshop, will cover veterinary specific information, coupled with easy to use implementation activities and guides to ensure your practice offers the very best customer care.

Fees and Inclusions

Participants will receive:

  • A mystery shopping call to their practice
  • A customer service Pulse Points Plan
  • Customer service templates
  • Take home notes
  • Certificate of attendance

Investment: $625 AUD per person

Dates 2017

Hobart: 3rd - 4th May

Brisbane: 9th - 10th May

Auckland: 24th - 25th May

Melbourne: 30th - 31st May

Christchurch: 31st May - 1st June

Perth: 14th - 15th June

Sydney: 20th - 21st June

Adelaide: 28th - 29th June

Program Day 1

Understanding Your Clients and Customers

  • Discovering your role in the pet-owner bond
  • Client considerations when choosing a veterinarian
  • Uncovering client expectations

Creating the Right Impression

  • The impact of image: you and your practice
  • Establishing rapport with clients
  • The importance of professional telephone skills
  • Building beneficial relationships

Essential Sales Skills

  • Your role as patient advocate & client educator
  • Uncovering needs through questioning techniques
  • Understanding features & benefitsManaging client objections
  • Handling price shoppers
  • The basics of merchandising

Program Day 2

Working with Difficult Clients

  • Why do clients complain?
  • Understanding your response to angry clients
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult clients
  • Prevention through being proactive
  • Difficult situations in practice: pet loss, payment and prescriptions

Leaving a Lasting Impression

  • Professional client handovers
  • Presenting invoices and estimates
  • Farewells and follow-ups: demonstrating care, even after the consult

Customer Service Standards

  • The importance of consistency
  • Customer service policies and procedures: where to start
  • Setting the standard in your practice

Meet your Facilitators

Deb Render

Deb Render

Deb has almost 30 years experience in the veterinary industry, having worked in a variety of roles during that time. Deb is passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and helping others to do the same. She has presented numerous seminars for Crampton Consulting on customer service topics.

Jan Bedford

Jan Bedford

Jan is an experienced and qualified veterinary nurse and trainer who has been involved in the veterinary industry for over 20 years. She is a dynamic and engaging trainer, who brings a wealth knowledge and passion for the industry.

Please note: Speakers are subject to change without notice.


“The delivery and content of the course was outstanding, the presenter had the ability to engage ALL staff regardless of their position within the hospital and helped pin-point areas within the workplace that needed streamlining.”

Louisa Hughes, Coreen Avenue Veterinary Clinic

“It’s always exciting when you hear CCG’s new ideas, challenging when you implement them and so rewarding when you reap the benefits.”

Sylvia Daniels, Veterinary Specialist Services

“All staff that participated in the course feel that they have also gained personally and have made progress in their abilities and confidence to work at an increasingly high standard.”

Katharine Bowen, The Vet Centre Marlborough - NZ

“Excellent ideas on how to improve the hospital. Learnt a lot to go back and teach and implement in clinic.”

Lisa Farrelly, Bondi Vet Hospital

“The whole 2 days were great, I learnt a lot. Was a great refresher and gave me lots of ideas to take back to work.”

Angela Fawdry, Gordon Veterinary Hospital

“Gives us a good indication of what we’re already doing well and what we can improve on. Gives us more ideas on what on other clinics are already doing.”

Arin Collins, Adelaide Animal Hospitals