Client and Staff Surveys

Gather actionable data on how to improve your practice from the people that matter.

How CCG’s Surveys benefit your practice

CCG offers an innovative way to generate critical and actionable insight about your practice. The method is simple and the results are quantifiable and reliable. We provide you with the tech to customise and offer an online survey to your clients and/or staff. We’ll help you get it going. It’s super straightforward!

The goal is to gather feedback on important questions about your practice. Think about customer and staff experience, perceptions, performance, interactions, etc. Once the results are captured we develop a comprehensive report. This report includes analysis, insight, and suggests growth pathways to address issues and pursue opportunities uncovered by the data.

This report serves as a basis for a debrief and future minded consultation. Further options for ongoing coaching, support and consultation are available to guide your implementation of growth minded strategies.

The many benefits of this program include:

  • The power to design your own questions to capture important data
  • Allows you to objectively assess whether you’re meeting goals
  • Uncovers fruitful opportunities for growth
  • Requires little to no administration on your part

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