Strategic Planning and Partner Alignment

Develop clarity and alignment at the core of your practice; key stakeholder relationships, strategy and identity.

How CCG’s Strategic Planning & Partner Alignment benefits your practice

Strategic Planning & Partner Alignment can be the most explosively high value service we provide. You can probably guess why. It’s at the core of the business where pain points are felt most acutely, where uncertainty takes it’s toll and where communication is most important. The core is critical and reaching genuine alignment on strategy and practice identity among practice partners can be the fulcrum upon which growth and failure rest.

Key parts of this program include:

  • One to two days face to face communication and collaboration. Held in integrity for the purpose of unearthing truth and value.
  • The creation of a strategy document, inclusive of implementation strategies.
  • Optional (but strongly recommended) behaviour and motivation profiling tools to help build and foster understanding and alignment in your key relationships.

The Strategic Planning & Partner Alignment program provides many benefits, including:

  • Clear role definition and expectations within the practice
  • Enhanced corporate governance practices
  • Focused practice growth strategies and staff management processes
  • A clear development plan, mission and core values
  • Templates and tools to design a formal strategic plan for the practice
  • A support consultant to help you present your plan to your practice team

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