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Is Pet Care Technician Certificate For Me?​

Optimal pet care is best. Our pets depend on us every day. We love them and want to give them the best. They are telling us things all the time but are we listening? Do you have the skills to ‘listen’ to pets, provide for their needs and help them when they are in trouble?

By studying the Pet Care Technician Certificate you will gain a deep understanding of the handling and care of pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and birds.

Pet Care

Recognise and learn how to handle pets:

  • learn about identifying animals by breed or type
  • understand about identifying animals as individuals
  • gain an understanding of their basic behaviour
  • understand how to handle and restrain them

Identify the needs of pets and provide the best care:

  • learn about the nutrition and feeding of pets
  • find out about grooming
  • understand the principles of hygiene and cleaning

Understand common diseases spread between pets and how to prevent them:

  • gain a basic understanding of the causes of infection and how they are spread
  • learn about the common infections diseases of pets

Understand the common parasites affecting pets and their life cycles:

  • recognise the different types of parasites
  • learn how internal parasites affect pets
  • learn how external parasites affect pets

Manage and maintain pet health:

  • learn about preventative health routines for pets
  • understand animal examination procedures and observations
  • recognise the signs of ill health
  • learn how to administer common medications

Understand first aid actions for pet care:

  • learn about the principles of first aid
  • find out how to administer first aid for a range of common conditions

Program Duration​

  • Enrollment duration: 6 months

Your Investment

  • $495.00 AUD

Program Details

Who should undertake this program?

Anyone who wishes to develop a deeper understanding of the pet care and handling:

  • People working in pet shops, boarding or day care facilities
  • People looking to enter the pet care industries but don’t have access to work placements
  • Caring owners who wish to understand their pets and take better care of them

Program Includes:

  • Downloadable notes for each module
  • Lessons and activities
  • Self-assessments
  • Certificate of achievement


If you are looking for nationally recognised qualifications in pet care and veterinary nursing, visit our qualifications website at Animal Industries Resource Centre.

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