Customer Service Training

CCG provides on site Customer Service training specifically designed for the veterinary industry.

Benefits of Customer Service Training

Tailored Training

Training is tailored to your specific practice requirement


Designed so you can create longer lasting client relationships

Bottom Line

Learn how to present products and services that raise your bottom line

Customer Care

Realise the passion for quality customer care

Flexible Delivery

Our trainers can travel to you or deliver via webinar


Manage difficult situations and increase practice wellness

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How our customer service philosophy adds unique value to your practice

A humming, positive, effective practice is built on strong, trusting client relationships. The raw ingredients? Passion, attitude, and effort. But what about technique? And what about follow-through?

While a certain quality of customer care comes down to the intangible social element of good natured, committed team members, there are tangible elements of customer service we can improve. When we do so we achieve real impact on the quality of long-term client relationships, contribute to a culture of wellness for employees, and ultimately, increase the bottom line of practices.

Now, being savvy about the business part of veterinary practice can seem at odds with the deeper goal of care. But actually, effective business process increases the overall quality of pet care. When business needs are met, the capacity for good care expands, creating more satisfied clients and general practice wellness.

Our Customer Service Training delivered using interactive activities is designed to equip your team with a high level skills in:

  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Sales skills
  • Mastering first impressions
  • Mastering last impressions
  • Telephone skills
  • Working with difficult or grieving clients
  • Presenting products and services

And that’s not all. If you don’t see exactly what you need, we can uncover your requirements in conversation with you and tailor a personal training experience to meet your needs. The next step? A no obligation, exploratory conversation about your practice growth needs.

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