Attend events and workshops with leading veterinary industry professionals​

We hold a range of events designed for industry forerunners to level-up their businesses.

Practice Management School

Held annually, our Practice Management School offers the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of highly effective vet practice business alongside the industry’s leading trainers, consultants and practice managers.

Customer Care Coach

Excellent customer service drives sales and gives your practice a strong competitive advantage. Together, we look forward to supporting your team to deliver exceptional customer service and seeing your practice reap the many rewards!
NEW IN 2022

Digital Workshops

Interactive and engaging training for you and your team.

Crampton Consulting Group have launched a series of digital workshops that will allow you and your team to receive quality support and education while adhering to social distancing measures. These live workshops will be restricted in numbers to ensure you can engage with your trainer and receive the high level of support you deserve.

How to Grow Your Profit Without Increasing Fees

Thursday 25th August

Diversity in the Workplace

Thursday 15th September

Toxicities, from the Pantry to the Backyard

Wednesday 28th September

Navigating Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Thursday 27th October

Utilising Profit, Loss and Cash Flow Statements

Wednesday 30th November


Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses

As a vet nurse, it is vital for you to be confident with all aspects of anaesthesia - from admission right through to discharge. This digital workshop collection covers it all.

Anaesthesia Patients with Comorbidities and Increased Risk

This workshop will give you the confidence to approach those tricky anaesthetics that you tend to avoid.

Build and Maintain Practice Culture, Staff Happiness and Wellness

This workshop offers practical tips for employers to learn how they can positively contribute to practice culture and improve work satisfaction for their team.

Build your Career and Contribute to a Positive Practice Culture

Develop and enhance your career, contribute positively to the practice team to build and maintain a practice culture of cohesion, happiness and wellness.

Clinical Pathology for Veterinary Nurses

Discuss common pathology tests conducted in practice, including how to collect them, correct sample storage, and testing procedures.

Customer Service Communication

This 4 part digital workshop will give you the tools required to step up your customer service and deliver the WOW factor for your clients.

Dentistry for Veterinary Nurses

Advances in research and technology have seen dentistry emerge as the fastest growing area of veterinary medicine. This 4-part workshop will build your skills in key areas.

Generational Communication

Learn practical tips on HOW to communicate with members of other generations but also foster greater understanding by delving into the background of WHY generational communication is so different in the first place.

Inventory Management

Looking to reduce expenses and increase efficiency? This 4 part digital workshop will show you how to make inventory work for you.

Nursing the Endocrine Patient

This workshop will cover a variety of endocrine diseases including diabetes, Cushing’s disease (hyperadrenocorticism), hyperthyroidism and Addison’s Disease.

Planning for Business Continuity During Disruption

Business continuity planning gives your organisation a way forward when disaster strikes.

Roles, Rostering and Readiness: Maximising Your Resources

Zoning, role clarity, and up-skilling support staff to enhance your operational efficiency to do more with less.

Surgical Nursing

This Digital Workshop Collection covers all aspects of surgical preparation to improve technical consistency and confidence across your nursing team, ensuring the best possible care for your surgical patients.

Veterinary Nurse Consultations for Senior Pets

Add value to your practice and improve your standards of care for senior pets by enrolling in this 4 part workshop!

Wound Care and Bandaging

In this two-part digital workshop you will gain knowledge and skills that can be practically applied to improve patient outcomes.

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