Implant Microchips in Cats and Dogs (Queensland legislation course for veterinarians)



Please read this important information before you buy this course:

  • This course is only suitable for veterinarians wishing to implant microchips in Queensland.
  • It relates only to information on the Queensland Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 legislation.
  • AVA members are advised to research availability of a similar course through their AVA membership.
  • If you are a veterinarian and hold an AIN from another State or Territory, please check with the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, as you may not be required to complete the online course prior to obtaining a QLD AIN

Under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, Veterinarians practicing in Queensland who wish to implant microchips must have completed this course prior to applying for an Authorised Implanter Number (AIN).

Implant Microchips in Cats and Dogs QLD is conducted as a self-paced online course. It takes approximately one hour to complete. Students will have access to the course for a period of one month. Students are required to complete an online legislation examination.

Upon completion of all required course content, students will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement which is then used when applying for their Authorised Implanter Number (AIN) in Queensland.

Who is this suitable for?

Those Veterinarians practicing in Queensland who do not hold a current microchip implantation number and wish to implant microchips. Veterinarians are required to familiarise themselves with the Act and what it means for the practice, their clients and patients. Only accredited implanters, with an AIN (Authorised Implanter Number) can microchip after the 1 July 2009.

Entry Requirements

The Course in Microchip Implantation (Cats and Dogs) is available to qualified Veterinarians practicing in Queensland.

Units of Study

One course must be completed: Implant Microchips in Cats and Dogs (QLD legislation)


Cost: $88 (including GST)

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