How To Access Digital Workshops

Digital Workshops are one or a series of live, online sessions where you and your team to receive quality support and education. You can easily but access for one or more people to one or more sessions. When you purchase access you receive an email with Tax Invoice and License Keys (Access Tokens) to set up access to the session(s). The email also contains links to more help information.

If the course is for you:
  1. Follow the redemption instructions found on the Access Token help page (all found in this Help and FAQs document) and use the License Key found in the email.
If you bought one or more for other parties:
  1. Email them a License Key (Access Token) – one for each session you purchased for them. An individual  token can only be used once per person per session. 
  2. Direct them to the Access Token help page (found in this Help and FAQs document). Link text to that page:
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