Practice Health Checks

Uncover significant opportunities for growth with a comprehensive assessment and recommendation package.

How CCG’s Practice Health Checks benefit your practice

Practice Health Checks are a key part of the growth of our clients. Our consultants take a deep dive into the workings of your practice with the specific aim to uncover that which holds you back and to devise that which moves you forward.

Practice Health Checks are about skilled observation and keen attention to the holistic function of your practice. It’s not only for those who aren’t sure where to begin but also for those who realise the complexity of successful business practices.

We look to further the metrics of performance excellence, profitability, efficiency, and wellness.  Functionally, we undertake an information review, in-practice visit and present our findings in a comprehensive written report inclusive of business improvement strategies. Further consultation and coaching is often an intuitive and welcome follow-on.

The core assessment areas of your practice include:

  • Business goals and direction
  • Strategic planning and partner alignment
  • Leadership
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and promotions
  • Financials

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