Customer Care Coach Program

Premier Customer Service Training Program

Crampton Consulting Group is proud to deliver this premier program.

We look forward to supporting your team to deliver exceptional customer service and seeing your practice reap the many rewards!

Customer Care Coach

Live Digital Workshops

Providing a highly interactive learning experience, our digital workshops are specifically designed for those on the front line of customer service in your practice.

Program includes one attendee at each digital workshop:

  • Workshop 1: Promoting Value
  • Workshop 2: Dealing with Difficult Situations

6-Module Online Training Program

Incorporating our popular 6-module Customer Service Intelligence Program, our Customer Care Coach Program explores the crucial skills for delivering outstanding customer service, ensuring your team have the ability to build lasting relationships with your clients, and increase client loyalty.

Program includes one enrolment into our comprehensive, 6-module, online Customer Service Intelligence Program.

Mystery Shopping

Providing meaningful feedback and data on the key metrics of customer service, our mystery shopping calls will further guide and support your team on their quest for excellence. Participants will receive feedback to help them provide a superior level of service for what is often a client’s first contact with your practice.

Program includes 2 x Telephone mystery shopper calls to benchmark and check implementation of learning.

Coaching & Support

Incorporating regular coaching calls with our professional coaches, our Customer Care Coach Program provides the support participants need to achieve success and implement lasting change. Benefit from the knowledge and advice of industry experienced coaches who are passionate about helping your team to be the very best they can be!

Program includes 4 x one hour group coaching support and implementation calls with CCG’s experienced coaches.

Why Choose this Program?

  • A comprehensive and well-supported program ensuring implementation of knowledge and consistent customer service standards
  • Excellent customer service drives sales and gives your practice a strong competitive advantage
  • Educate your team on how to deliver exceptional service to your clients
  • Increased client compliance leading to improved profits
  • Boost confidence and morale amongst your team
  • Improve your reputation in your community as a quality service provider
  • Improved customer service levels leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher client retention levels
  • Implementation of customer service standards ensures a consistently high level of service is provided
  • A more efficient and better equipped team to deal effectively with your customers

Your Investment

Intake Dates

  • April – September 2024
  • October 2024 -March 2025


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