Human Resources

Develop a culture of wellness and improve your bottom line with practical and effective human resource systems.

The benefits of smooth, effective HR systems

Improved Culture

Create wellness by meeting the core development needs of your team

Efficiency & Profitability

Effective, efficient HR processes create more employee output

Attract Top Performers

Become a more attractive to employees

Minimise Conflict

Reduce conflict with clear HR structures that eliminate confusion

Achieve Compliance

Ensure your practice complies with Human Resource laws

Free Your Time

Implementing smooth HR structures frees up time to focus on growth

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Why effective HR is crucial to your practice

Veterinary practices that leverage excellent HR processes have more cohesion and better motivated teams which means a more successful practice.

There are two main reasons why.

One is clarity of employment expectations, rights and processes. Let’s call that structure and communication. Having a clear structure, and effectively communicating that structure is essential to the goal of embedding your employees into your business and culture.

Two is employee growth and development. Setting development goals and opening pathways for employee growth to align their needs with the needs of your practice. Clear and aligned growth pathways make for happy, motivated employees and a more profitable practice.

Human Resources

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How CCG helps practices develop exceptional HR processes

We’ve worked successfully with a wide range of vet practices small and large. This experience allows us to offer a clear and highly effective HR systems creation and integration process. There are two key elements to our HR service.

HR Consultation

The first involves deep, on-site collaboration between our consultants and your practice. Together, we formulate a comprehensive HR template that covers all relevant staff management and development requirements. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Career and aligned remuneration chart
  • Practice positioning
  • Staff coaching and training
  • Staff recruitment and retainment
  • Implementation and annual staff development plan

HR Coaching

The second is a HR coaching program for the relevant members of your practice. This is an ideal way to ensure you execute change effectively in your business. Benefit from professional coaching in key people development areas such as:

  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Holding counselling meetings
  • Undertaking performance assistance plans
  • Mastering the art of giving feedback

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