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Veterinary Nurse Consultations

Improve profitability by leveraging your nurse’s time

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This comprehensive, online six module program is designed to maximise the preventative healthcare opportunities in your practice while reducing your Veterinarian’s workload. By educating your Veterinary Nurse team and implementing Veterinary Nurse Consults in your practice, you will free up your Veterinarians time to undertake further income generating activities.


Program covers:

  • Module 1 Introduction to Veterinary Nurse Consultations
  • Module 2 The Client Experience Communicating for Consultations
  • Module 3 Implementing Veterinary Nurse Consultations
  • Module 4 Veterinary Nurse Consultations Admission and Discharge
  • Module 5 Preventative Healthcare Impact Analysis
  • Module 6 Independent Veterinary Nurse Consultations


Benefits to your practice include:

  • Improved health of patients
  • Increased client loyalty and compliance
  • Reduction of Veterinarian stress and workload
  • Increased Veterinary Nurse productivity and job satisfaction
  • Increase practice revenue

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